FORS Basics (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme)

April 20, 2021

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Launched in 2016, FORS (the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme), is the first in the UK to allow companies to demonstrate their commitment to managing road risk, reducing environmental impact and improving operational efficiency. FORS allows fleets to improve their overall road safety and gives companies an opportunity to show their customers and other members of their supply chain the importance they place upon the safety of others as well as the safety of their employees.

What is FORS?

FORS is a voluntary scheme designed to drive up standards in safety and to set best practices. The scheme goes far beyond the physical safety items required to be fitted to vehicles such as cameras, side scans etc. In doing so, it incorporates areas such as Drivers (licence checks, professional development and working hours) and Operations (routing, fuel, emissions and counter-terrorism).

There are three levels of FORS Accreditation; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze focuses mainly on a range of policies and procedures such as health and safety, traffic infringements, load safety, tyre management and road traffic collisions. In addition to a limited amount of vehicle safety equipment including warning signage, Class 5 or 6 mirrors and side under-run protection. There is also a small amount of training that is also required, which is normally carried out as e-learning modules, as Bronze audits are being carried out remotely because of Covid restrictions.

To obtain the next level of FORS Silver, Bronze accreditation is first required. More emphasis is placed on physical vehicle safety, with the requirement of certain items of equipment such as blind-spot cameras, side-scan systems and left turn alarms. A wider range of policies and procedures are looked at and in greater depth. Training requirements are also more involved, with either SUD or WRRR Advancement Courses being required. These are classroom-based courses, which during the pandemic are being carried out as webinars.

The highest level is Gold. As with the transition from Bronze to Silver, the previous level of accreditation is required. To achieve this level a full case study is required into the company’s adoption of the FORS Standard and must detail all the areas of improvement and measurable results as well as demonstrate the benefits that FORS has brought to the company from a safety perspective and a commercial perspective. No additional safety equipment is required for this level, however further driver training is required with either the FORS professional LoCITY Driving training course or one of the FORS approved environmental awareness training courses.

Once a company has achieved accreditation there are regular audits to ensure compliance is being maintained.

There are fees for subscription and auditing, which are dependent on the level required and the number of vehicles in the fleet. For further information please visit the FORS website or call FORS direct on 0844 809 0944

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