DVS 2024 – Upcoming Changes

September 4, 2023

Big Changes Ahead for London's HGVs! Are You Prepared?

From 2024, the Direct Vision Standard is getting a revamp. This affects all HGVs over 12 tonnes aiming to tread the roads of Greater London from 28 October 2024. They’ll either need at least a three-star rating or the installation of a Progressive Safe System. As a fleet operator or transport manager, we know that clarity and foresight are essential. In this post we will provide the insights you need to prepare and adapt.

So, What Are These Changes Exactly?

MOIS (Moving Off Information Systems):

  • This is a setup designed to detect and alert the vehicle driver when a Vulnerable Road User (VRU) is in close proximity. MOIS sensors need to be positioned at the front of the vehicle. The aim? To effectively minimise the risks related to the frontal blind spot when the vehicle sets off.

BSIS (Blind Spot Information Systems):

  • Another crucial element, the BSIS helps your drivers to keep tabs on VRUs such as pedestrians and cyclists in those tricky blind spots. They’re designed to do the job effectively. Not only spotting road users but alerting drivers in good time.

Solutions To Meet the Upcoming Changes?

We’ve got an array of solutions that we think will align greatly with the impending changes. We know already that solutions to meet the Direct Vision Standard 2024 requirements need to meet UNCE151 and UNCE159 specifications.

AI cameras will satisfy the spec as they are able to differentiate between moving entities and static ones like road signs, reducing false alarms.

When will the final spec be out?

The final verdict from TFL? We anticipate that this information will be out by the beginning of September. We’re on standby for it, and we now reckon the comprehensive details will be released shortly.

**Transport for London has now published the final specifications of the Progressive Safe System (PSS) and updated the guidance for fleet operators. (Updated 4th September 2023)

Our team are here to help with any guidance, understanding the requirements and any installation needs.

Ensuring Compliance with Current Direct Vision Standards:

If you’ve got a fleet and are aiming to be compliant with the current DVS spec, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.

Our engineers are strategically placed across the UK and Ireland, primed to get your vehicles compliant.

Updates related to the new DVS specs.

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