Keep an eye on your assets wherever you are with tracking

We install a wide variety of commercial fleet tracking systems and can cater for any size businesses. From the latest tracking technology such as VHF, GPS to simple tracking software, our team has you covered. For more information please give us a call today or fill the form below and one of our tracking specialists will get back to you

Our team consists of a large nationwide network of trained and accredited engineers. We handle large tracking installation projects as well as turnkey solutions, whether it’s for a client with a mixed or large fleet. Our clients can rely on our team’s wealth of engineering knowledge and experience in tracking.  

Vehicle Tracker Installation 

We are the go-to partner for fleet managers and operators. We can handle commercial fleets of all sizes through our nationwide network of engineers in the UK and Ireland. If you need more information on fleet tracking, benefits or the installation process, please get in touch with our fleet services team today.  

Fleet tracking benefits

Fleet tracking systems offer a number of benefits for business owners and go beyond just the ability to track the location of an asset. With tracking, businesses can monitor driver behavior, improve customer service increase efficiency and security of their operations. Implementation of tracking assists business owners to gain valuable insights into their fleet operations and make improvements that will benefit their bottom line. Get in touch with us to discover how tracking can take your business to the next level!

  • See asset location in real-time  
  • Help you increase savings  
  • Keep your drivers and assets safe  
  • Reduce fuel and expense costs  
  • Integrate maintenance, route planning, monitor vehicle status, video telematics etc 
  • Enhance customer service offering  
  • Increase security and chances of recovery in event of theft  
  • Streamline processes

Commercial fleet tracking Features

Modern commercial fleet tracking systems come with many features to help you run your business efficiently. This can include administrative tasks, mileage tracking, end-user access, driver behaviour and more. Our goal is to combine software with the best available hardware for the job. RS Connect will work with you to find the right solution that covers your needs.

How can we help?

We are proud to offer our tracking solutions to a wide variety of assets. We take care of the installation work allowing customers to focus on what they do best. Our auto electrical engineering team is highly skilled and experienced in this technology. They work around your schedule, minimising vehicle downtime and can support you across the UK and abroad. Get in touch today -we will be happy to assist by gaining any understanding of your requirements, recommending solutions, and going through the installation process with you.  

We install tracking for the following assets:

RS Connect Ford Courier

Supporting Telematics Service Providers

Are you a tracking or telematics service provider looking for support with installation. We can help –  Our experienced engineering workforce is trained to install a wide range of equipment. We cover the full spectrum of vehicles and assets. With us as your installation partner, you can increase capacity, offer your customers a seamless experience complete with our warehouse facilities and a dedicated call centre

Plant & Construction Machinery Tracking

Tracking plant and construction equipment can transform your operations. Besides your people, assets are a key in order to complete jobs on time. If Plant and equipment is not managed correctly, this can lead to inefficiencies and increased risk of theft. Tracking helps to manage fleets effectively, going beyond just knowing where machinery is. Operators can get access to data such as idling, fuel consumption and cycle time which helps improve efficiency. We install tracking for plant & machinery through our mobile engineering team. Whether you have a tracking solution already and just need it installed or you are looking – we can help. Get in touch today

A white Bomag BF300 Tarmac paver
DAF ex day tippers
Tracking enhances security and aids recovery

Fleet managers and operators have the job of ensuring their vehicles are protected from theft. Tracking helps you to effectively secure your vehicles and reduce risk. Through tracking, you can set geo-fences and alerts to be notified when vehicles leave a marked area. Even in the event of theft, tracking helps increase the chances of recovering your asset. Some of the tracking solutions we install have recovery rates of 90% or more, which just shows how effective tracking is. Find out more about how we can help you keep your commercial vehicles secure.