Protect Your Assets With RS Connect

Your assets, vehicles and machinery are one of the key elements needed to complete jobs on time and to the exact requirements. Having a reliable fleet of plant machinery to call upon is therefore important. Sadly, asset theft has been increasing. The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) states that every year, more than £100 million+ of plant is stolen in the United Kingdom. This is why it’s crucial to invest in security solutions for your fleet.

As well as the financial implications of replacing your vehicle, Plant operators will also have to deal with missing tight deadlines, idle crews, and increased insurance premiums. Plant hire companies also must think about their assets being stolen to commit fund other criminal activities. In some cases, it’s not as easy to replace vehicles. With the global chip shortage, companies may find themselves waiting up to or more for a replacement vehicle.

Plant Theft Set To Increase

According to the Construction Equipment Security and Registration (CESAR), plant theft is set to increase. 24 hours after a vehicle is taken, it’s likely that the asset will be in a container – ready to be shipped abroad. Anti-theft devices are a must for businesses looking for ways to reduce plant theft. With RS Connect, you have a one-stop-shop for installations.

RS Connect van parked in front of 3 Nationwide Platform boom lifts

Prevent Plant Vehicle & Machinery Theft with RS Connect

Traditionally, plant vehicles come with little or no security. Making them an easy target for thieves looking for a quick score. The best way to protect your plant vehicle is to invest in telematics and security measures. Tracking is likely to deter thieves and make it easier for you to recover your asset in the unfortunate event of theft. We provide an end-to-end consultancy and installation service for our customers, which includes:

  • Helping you to identify the most suitable security devices for your assets
  • Designing custom solutions for your current setup
  • Rely on our Plant Installations team – years of industry experience
  • Nationwide coverage for installations – we can go and install wherever your assets are
  • Dedicated account manager for your account
  • Online booking bot platform for booking installations
Instaling tracking to an RT SC3 machine

Telematics Installation

  • Plant immobilisers and remote immobilisation
  • Driver ID & Keypad
  • Telematics & tracking
  • Remote shut off
  • Anti-fuel theft devices

Please get in touch with our team for more information on our fleet security solutions and how we can help you.

Plant Vehicle Trackers

At RS Connect, we specialise in the installation of trackers and telematics into plant and construction assets across the UK and Ireland. Our team of experienced technicians help asset operators and construction companies safeguard their fleet and maximise operational efficiency. Our tracking systems allow you to monitor your assets in real-time, reduce potential risks, and streamline your operations. Leveraging our telematics systems, you can gain critical insights into asset usage, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs. Pick us for your asset tracking needs and ensure the security and efficiency of your fleet.

Terex recycler tracker installation

Tackle Plant Fuel Theft

Fuel theft is a prevalent concern for many plant fleet operators and construction companies, affecting their bottom line and disrupting operations. The recent ban on red diesel has only exacerbated this issue, making fuel an even more attractive target for thieves. Vehicles with large fuel tanks such as tractors, excavators, and telehandlers are particularly vulnerable due to their high fuel capacity.

Plant Fuel Protection Solutions

Our advanced fuel protection devices provide a robust mechanical defence against fuel theft, designed specifically to secure industrial and commercial vehicles’ fuel tanks. These devices are compatible with leading brands, including Doosan, Liebherr, Bomag, Komatsu, Hitachi, and John Deere.

Delivered ready to use, our devices are easy to install within minutes. Their design, devoid of holes or slots, makes siphoning fuel from the tank opening virtually impossible. This maximises the security of your fuel and reduces the risk of costly fuel theft.

Should you require assistance with installation, our expert engineers are readily available and can be deployed anywhere across the UK or Ireland.

plant telematics installer
tracking installation for dumper

For Telematics & Security Providers

Are you a telematics service provider or a plant security provider looking to extend your installation coverage? We can be your trusted installation partner. Our team of skilled technicians can install devices on your behalf, providing a seamless extension to your services across the UK and Ireland. We understand the intricacies of installation, ensuring your clients receive the highest level of service.

What’s more, we’ve streamlined our operations to guarantee smooth collaboration. We offer a custom booking system that simplifies the scheduling process. Additionally, our comprehensive warehousing and logistics support ensures that each installation is executed efficiently, without any unnecessary delays.

By partnering with us, you can extend your reach, enhance your service offerings and ensure the satisfaction of your clients. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can work together to expand your business and installation coverage.