Protect Your Cargo, People and Vehicles

When it comes to fleet management, we know that cargo, people and vehicles are your most important assets. By adding CCTV to your HGV fleet it means that you can have total coverage of what is happening on the roads giving you peace of mind that if anything happens it will be recorded. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to invest in the safety of your fleet. Contact us today to learn more about our HGV CCTV systems and how we can help protect your business.

Whether you need a new vehicle CCTV system or already have one and need it installed, we’re here to help. With over 20 years of experience in installations, we can provide expert consultation for your needs. Talk to our team today and let us know how we can assist you.

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Nationwide Installation Coverage

We are proud of our nationwide team of skilled engineers that delight customers all over the UK and Ireland. Whether you need video surveillance systems fitted by the roadside, on-site, or at our headquarters in Coleshill, we’ve got you covered. You can rest assured that wherever your vehicles are, we can get to them. This means that you do not have to worry about vehicle downtime as we work to your schedule avoiding disruption and keeping downtime to a minimum so your vehicles can get back on the road. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or book an installation.

Benefits of investing In A Truck CCTV System

  • Vehicle CCTV systems reduce yearly insurance premiums by providing added security and evidence in case of accidents.
  • Significant time savings
  • Camera systems provides the evidence for quick processing of insurance claims and disputes, as well as protecting against false claims, particularly with the increasing prevalence of “crash for cash” fraud and cargo theft.
  • In-cab monitoring and camera systems have been shown to significantly improve the safety of HGV driving, resulting in a substantial reduction in risky driving behaviour.
  • HGV CCTV systems act as a significant deterrent to potential fraudsters and cargo thieves, increasing security for your HGV fleet.
  • HGV systems help drivers feel safer, particularly for lone workers, by providing added security and peace of mind while on the job.
  • The wealth of video footage provided by CCTV systems is an excellent resource for driver coaching and improving driving skills.
  • CCTV systems are a great safety solution, helping to reduce the number of blind spots on your vehicles, and can also be used as parking and reversing aids.

HGV CCTV Installations company

As an installations company, we fit and supply CCTV solutions from the biggest commercial vehicle camera brands on the market. As an installer, we have experience not with just one brand but a wide variety – ultimately giving you choices to pick from. This ensures your fleet gets the right camera system for your needs and budget.

truck cctv fitting
Truck CCTV Solution

Need Vehicle Camera Installation?

If you are looking for a truck CCTV system installer near you, please get in touch with us. RS Connect are a trusted installer for many fleets and can offer you a bespoke service. Whether you already have a CCTV solution and just need fitting, or you need us to supply you with one, don’t hesitate to contact us

HGV CCTV System features

  • Total Coverage – Maximise your coverage with multiple channel systems capturing everything around your vehicle and inside the cab
  • MDVR – Mobile Digital Video Recording provides days of recording time, ensuring you don’t miss any footage when you need it. There is capability to expand this storage capacity to suit your needs.
  • Remote viewing – Stay informed with real-time remote viewing, allowing fleet managers to monitor the vehicle and plan accordingly.
  • Easily access your footage with remote download capabilities, even when you don’t have access to the vehicle.

All these features and more are available depending on which camera system you go for and the needs of your business. We know each business is different and as a result are delighted to have a dedicated consultancy team to help you pick the right camera system for your HGV use case and industry requirements.


A digital video recording system captures footage from vehicle cameras with storage capacity and support for cloud storage. It records both audio and video feed and supports multiple camera feeds. A typical MDVR system includes:

  • A number of cameras (Front, Rear, Side, In-Cab)
  • A camera monitor.
  • Sensors
  • Sim Card Slot
  • Camera Warning Stickers
Commercial Vehicle CCTV install for 7.5t DAF LF truck
Man TGX dash cam install for insurance purposed

Smoother Insurance Process

Imagine one of your HGVs is involved in an accident, and you’re not sure who is at fault. With a CCTV system, you can review the footage and get a clear picture of what happened. Depending on the system you have, you may also be able to get location, speed at time of accident. This not only helps you resolve any disputes quickly but also protects your business from false claims.

Protect Your Drivers & Vehicles

As well as being used for security and insurances purposes HGV CCTV cameras are a great vehicle safety solution, helping to protect not only your drivers but your vehicles too. Drivers can take advantage of the camera monitors to reduce blind spots and increase their awareness on the roads. This can go a long way especially if your drivers are having to manoeuvre vehicles in tight high street locations. HGV systems can also help you comply with regulations such as DVS and FORS. They can also be beneficial if your vehicles must do work on sites such as Crossrail and HS2. Get in touch with us today for more information

installations for HGV fleet

Camera System Installation

Take a look at some projects below and see how we have supported customers every step of the way, from advice, helping them select the right camera solution to expertly fitting and commissioning their dash cams. Trust us to handle all your HGV Camera requirements. Please do not hesitate to get in tough if you have any questions.