Complying with Insurance & Improving HGV Fleet Safety with Connected Dash cam Installation

Our client, Cross Transport, runs a fleet of 80 tractor units on a contract that services Amazon work. They move trailers between Amazon’s regional distribution centres. The company had a connected camera solution and turned to RS Connect for installation.

Operating an HGV Fleet

Running a fleet of HGVs comes with its own set of challenges such as protecting your drivers and vehicles from fraudulent insurance claims, monitoring driver behaviour as well as increasing risks of accidents and liability issues. Dash cams will help fleet operators to solve these challenges however since HGVs are always on the road, finding time to install without affecting productivity can be an issue.

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In order to comply with their insurance policy, Cross Transport needed a camera system for their fleet.

  • Meeting insurance policy compliance
  • Ensuring the dash cam install doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view.
  • Countering the frequent “crash-for-cash” incidents targeting HGV Fleets
  • Gathering evidence in the event of accidents
  • Finding time to install without affecting the vehicles’ operating schedule

4G Dashcam Solution

We installed a 4G connected camera solution. This featured live viewing and instant playback capabilities, which allows the fleet manager to monitor driver behaviour and a live video feed from a remote location. The dashcams also collect data such as speed, GPS, and harsh braking, which provides valuable insights into driver behaviour, coaching and additional evidence in the event of an incident. The cameras auto-record when events such as bumps, and jolts are experienced by the unit. Additionally, the cameras are compatible with tracking systems, which further improves the integration capabilities with any existing telematics solution.

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HGV Dashcam Installation

Our engineers began the installation process by standardising the process by creating a spec for the first vehicle. This ensured that every camera would be installed the same way, which streamlined the process and minimised downtime. The customer also opted for the work to completed at our workshop in Coleshill, which meant that drivers would drop off the vehicles and pick them up once installation and commissioning had been done.

Benefits of dashcams for HGVS

The client realised several benefits from the installed dashcams, including:

  • Evidence collection for accidents, even remotely without access to the vehicle
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Improved monitoring and oversight of driver behaviour
  • Reduced risk of accidents and liability issues
  • Neat and tidy installation that complied with safety regulations

Overall, the dashcams have proved very effective in settling disputes during insurance claims.

A quote from Cross Transport:

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staff are helpful!

“We are very happy with the price RS provides per install and their flexibility in scheduling our work in. The staff are helpful and call us when the trucks are ready to collect, and so far we have experienced no issues regarding the quality of the install.”
Connor Benn
Transport Operations Manager

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The installation of 4G connected dashcams in the client’s fleet of HGVs enabled them to comply with their insurance policy and will continue to provide significant improvements in safety and cost savings.

We were able to complete the installation with minimal downtime. The client can now monitor their fleet more effectively with the addition of video. RS Connect, a leading provider of dash cam solutions and installation partner, dedicated to helping businesses across the UK and Ireland to get started with camera systems. We invite you to get in touch with us today if you need dash cams or installation support.

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