Custom Solutions For Police Forces

We thrive on delighting our customers and exceeding their expectations. Every vehicle is designed and built according to the client’s specifications. We are the go-to partner for police forces looking for high-quality, cost-effective solutions for their fleet. From day one, we keep in constant communication with the client. We take time to understand your needs and keep ongoing communication through a single point of contact.

Some of the projects we have designed for our customers have resulted in lighter vehicles, better protection for passengers and use the latest technologies available. Speak to our team today to find out more about how we can help you.

Relationships With Suppliers

As experts in our field, we work closely with key suppliers in the industry. Our reputation for high quality vehicle installations helps us to attract suppliers that align with these values. This has many added benefits for the client:

  • Our engineers regularly receive new product training
  • We are first to receive new innovative products
2 Volvo specialist police vehicles

Police Fleet Electrification

As car manufacturers are producing more electric vehicles, police forces have begun the fleet electrification process. For police forces, electric vehicles present many benefits. Fleet managers will save money on fuel costs, reduce CO2 emissions and cut maintenance costs.

As the country prepares to make the switch to electric vehicles, many police forces have followed suit and introduced EVs into their fleets. Our team is proud to be supporting police forces in fleet electrification. Our engineers are trained to work on EVs and this capability allows us to keep on top of the latest vehicle trends. As more police forces look to integrate EVs into their existing fleet, they can rely on us to help them with this.

working on vauxhall police cars

Got A Question?

Contact our emergency services team today for more information. You can also learn more about our EV capability here. if you need to talk to us about a project use the button below to fill a quick form and a member of our emergency services team will get back to you