We install a wide range of devices and systems for Heavy goods vehicles

We understand that as an HGV fleet operator, it’s important to make sure your trucks are equipped with the right equipment to suit your needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of fitting services, including tracking, telematics, dashcams, forward-facing cameras, MDVRs, camera systems, DVS, and more!

HGV installation service

MAN TGX HGV white with full dvs kit

Why Choose Us for HGV installation?

  • We support you with compliance with Direct Vision Standard (DVS), FORS, CLOCS, and HS2 regulations, ensuring that your fleet is up to the latest standards.
  • Our team of over 150+ engineers are located all over the UK and Ireland – minimising downtime
  • Workshop in the Midlands for customer drop off/pick up
  • Complete service with installation and hardware support so you can choose what works best for your fleet.
  • Over 20 years experience in auto electrical installations

HGV Camera systems

We supply and fit HGV Camera systems for fleets in the UK and Ireland. Camera systems have become vital for truck drivers as they provide benefits such as improved visibility around the vehicle, minimising blind spots and preventing accidents. Other variants focus on security to protect drivers and cargo. These can come with features such as live view and remote download. Additionally, fleet operators benefit from having access to footage for driver monitoring, training and insurance purposes.

HGV in traffic on motorway
Front view of cab

Dashcams for HGV

RS Connect is a major installer for dashcams. We are an installation partner for the leading dashcam brands on the market. Our technicians support both consumer and commercial markets throughout the UK and Ireland. We specialise in dashcam installation for heavy goods vehicles. With the increase in crash for cash scams and dangerous driving, a dashcam is a great addition for any HGV. They provide impartial evidence in case of accidents. Dashcams are getting more advanced, and we now install innovative solutions such as connected dashcams with remote viewing capabilities, forward and rear facing and external cameras.

Fuel Protection

Fuel theft is a major problem in the United Kingdom, accounting for millions of pounds in losses each year. We help HGV fleet operators by providing a variety of fuel protection systems including self-fit anti-siphon devices. Our HGV fuel protection product range is compatible with a range of manufacturers, such as DAF, Man, Iveco, Mercedes and Volvo. Visit our fuel protection landing page for more.


Mobile Digital Vehicle Recorders (MDVRS) provide video surveillance for HGV operators. Unlock the power of video surveillance for your HGV fleet with Mobile Digital Vehicle Recorders (MDVRS). The capability to record from multiple cameras gives a much wider coverage round the vehicle. Trust us to handle the installation and integration into your existing systems, leaving you free to focus on your business. Say goodbye to power supply and installation worries, and hello to peace of mind with RS Connect.

HGV RTD Installation

We help fleet operators, to comply to comply with drivers hours and Road Transport Directive (RTD) legislation. With Remote Tacho Download solutions you can fully automate the downloading of your fleets Tachographs and Driver Cards. This is a faster, lower cost method safeguarding compliance with regulation that eliminates the burden of manually collecting the tachograph data.

HGV Lighting and Lightbars

Announce and signal your vehicle’s presence with RS Connect. We support HGV Fleets with lighting installation for their vehicles, this includes beacons, strobes, lightbars, top bars, warning lamps, visor lamps and more. Our team has the technical capability to help pick the most energy efficient solutions and we handle all the wiring. Whether it’s for improving driver visibility or warning other road users, get in touch with us today for a quote.

HGV Tracking

Unlock the full potential of your HGV fleet through tracking. We install and supply commercial vehicle tracking for Heavy goods vehicles across the United Kingdom and Ireland. HGV Tracking helps you to utilise resources to their optimum efficiency, giving you a clearer overview of your fleet, whilst adding an extra layer of protection. Get in touch with our installations team today to get started!

Trailer Tracking

We also install tracking solutions for trailers. Helping fleets keep an eye on their cargo and get an understanding of where all their assets are located.

Ex day tippers tracker install

HGV Telematics

RS Connect can help you take the hassle out of HGV telematics installation with our expert mobile technicians. We work with the top telematics companies on the market and stay on top of installation trends including industry best practice. We listen to our clients and understand the unique challenges faced by HGV operators. Our team has the technical know-how to get you set up quickly and efficiently, so you can start reaping the benefits of telematics and monitoring.

Contact us today to schedule your installation and start improving your fleet’s performance, efficiency, and compliance

Challenges for HGV Operators

HGV operators face a range of challenges, including compliance with working time directives, the safety of vulnerable road users, drivers, and security of cargo. The challenges are not just for today but understanding how they can futureproof their fleet. HGV fleets are also at risk of cash-for-crash scams and must manage high accident rates and fuel theft.

At RS Connect, we are there to make sure operators do not have to navigate these challenges alone. We help many fleets across the UK and Ireland to overcome these problems. We can help your business too. Fill out our requirements form and let us know your specific needs and we will assist.

Merc UNimog DVS installed

HGV Compliance

Non-compliance when running an HGV Fleet can present a host of problems for HGV operators. Firstly, it can be very costly for a business due to fines and penalties. This doesn’t include the additional downtime due to accident damaged vehicles. Sadly, non-compliance can also result in injury and loss of life especially if there is negligence or failure to keep on top of safety regulations.


Ensuring HGV fleets meet the FORS Silver accreditation. Our expert technicians will work with you to equip your vehicles with the necessary cameras, left turn audible warning systems, and blind spot minimisation devices needed. We also offer consultation services to help you understand the requirements of the FORS Silver accreditation. And if needed we can provide the hardware from reputable manufacturers.

Direct Vision Standard

Tired of searching for a nationwide installer for your HGV fleet? Look no further. RS Connect offers a one-stop-shop solution for consultation, hardware, and installation of DVS safe systems. Our team of experts specialises in installation and can help ensure your fleet is compliant with DVS regulations, reducing the risk of close-proximity blind spot collisions and improving driver visibility for safer low-speed manoeuvres. Don’t waste time and money shopping around for hardware and installation separately. Contact RS Connect today and let us take care of it all.

HS2 Compliance

As a fleet operator working on HS2, compliance is crucial. Firstly, without it, your vehicles can’t even access the site. This will stop you from carrying out work or taking on jobs that require your vehicles to access these sites. HS2 requires all HGVs visiting the project to be covered by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) at Silver Level to uphold minimum standards. Failure to comply will result in HS2 taking action to ban or suspend fleets and their drivers for non-compliance. Our solution is to provide consultation and installation services to ensure your vehicles are compliant with HS2 regulations. This will not only help you avoid bans and suspensions, but also give you peace of mind knowing your vehicles are ready to go on site. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you meet HS2 compliance requirements.

White HGVs in car park

Anything not listed?

As an installations company, we install a wide range of solutions for HGV Fleets. From standard to bespoke projects. If you require any services not listed on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help and will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

What Our Customers say


Our installation service covers the whole of the UK and Ireland. This is supported by a large team of skilled engineers. They are supported by a state-of-the-art workshop in Coleshill. These options help to give our customers choice – We are ready to travel to you or you can visit us.

Fitting ranges depending on the technology being installed to your vehicle. Due to our experience in the industry, we have a good idea on timings. Secondly, our operations and deployment team will always update you with estimated times. We understand that efficiency is of upmost importance, so we work with you to minimise the amount of time your vehicles are off the road.

Off-site people vehicle interface Leading the way

This document provides key information for Heavy good vehicles working on HS2. It is provided by the Off-Site People Vehicle Interface (PVI) Working Group – is a group consisting of representatives from High Speed Two (HS2) and their contractors. They recognise the danger of construction traffic on public roads and aims to minimise harmful PVI events off site by deploying a range of initiatives. This is a great resource for HGV operators to get a good idea of what’s expected from their fleet. You can access it here.

A Guide To The Direct Vison Standard

Understanding the Direct Vision standard can be complicated especially if you are trying to figure out which vehicles are compliant and which ones do not have the required star rating. But it doesn’t have to be. We have created a free guide to the Direct Vision Standard for HGV Operators which provides key information about the scheme and what we can do to help.

Guide to The Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme – FORS

FORS can be a minefield for fleet managers and operators if you don’t understand what that requirements that must be met to achieve and maintain accreditation. That is why we have created this free FORS guide to help fleets.

Guide to maintaining roadworthiness

This guide from the DVSA provides key information for fleet operators of all sizes on maintaining the roadworthiness of their vehicles. This includes legal requirements and where to go for additional information. 

Prices range depending on the fitting required. For example, a DVS Safe system starts from £795 ex vat. We believe in honest and transparent pricing and will always provide a breakdown for what customers are paying for. Need a quote? You can let us know by filling out the installation form. A member of our team will get back to you with a quote and be able to answer any questions that you may have.

We offer both installation and hardware options. Our supply and fit option is highly regarded by our customers as it offers great convenience and takes the stress out of looking for hardware. As an installer we have great links with manufactures and hardware suppliers. This allows us to source innovative, high-quality products. With RS Connect you can choose what works best for your fleet.