Complete View Of Your Fleet Operation

Vehicle telematics and tracking provide a comprehensive view of your truck fleet, allowing you to easily track the location of your vehicles. This wealth of data enables you to make informed decisions – in good time, that can increase the efficiency of your HGV fleet. By reducing costs and improving customer service, you can gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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Don’t miss out on the advanced features of vehicle telematics & tracking because of installation complexities and concerns. Get stress-free installation, with over 20 years of experience in vehicle tracking and reporting systems. We give you peace of mind that your vehicles will be well looked after. Providing a professional installation service, ensuring your systems are fitted to best practice. We have a large team of employed engineers trained on HGV located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Our booking team liaise with you to ensure optimum appointment slots, with the least possible downtime for your fleet. This includes the option of weekday/weekend/evening appointments.

HGV Tracking Features

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Why Is Telematics Important To Your HGV Fleet?

Telematics have evolved from simple vehicle location tools to become the primary component of fleet and operations management. By providing real-time data on location, vehicle performance, driver behaviour, and fuel consumption, telematics can help you to optimise your routes, reduce emissions, and streamline paperwork. With these advantages, fleet operators can gain a competitive edge over rival businesses and provide their customers with great service.


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Reduce Cost

With rising fuel costs, it is essential fleet managers know exactly how efficient their truck fleets are and identify areas where wastage is occurring. It can also identify fuel idling, enabling the fleet manager to take action. Even for a small size HGV fleet, if your drivers take unnecessarily long routes, this can drastically drive up the costs of fuel expenditure. Tracking can be utilised to offer route optimisation to make sure your drivers are taking the most efficient routes all the time.

Fuel Protection

Fuel theft incidents are on the rise, and we see the value that telematics brings to combat this surge. Tracking and telematics isn’t just for reducing fuel waste. It’s also great for identifying and preventing fuel theft. Don’t let fuel theft drain your resources and disrupt your operations, learn more about reducing fuel theft in your HGV fleet.

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Reduce Insurance Premiums

Telematics and tracking have become increasingly popular due to the incentives offered by insurance companies. This includes connected dashcams, video telematics and more. Some insurers make this a requirement before offering cover. With tracking installed on your HGV fleet, you can reduce the risk of theft and make the claims process quicker. Features such as setting time alerts for vehicles outside their normal working hours allow you to take quick action if your vehicle is stolen.

Improve Fleet Efficiency

By using tracking and telematics, you can shift your fleet management focus from just vehicles to drivers, ultimately improving the efficiency of your business. With real-time location data at your fingertips, you can easily assign jobs to the closest available driver and vehicle, ensuring optimal resource allocation. This level of driver-focused fleet management can streamline your operations and boost productivity. With Driver ID, you can ensure the driver is qualified to operate the vehicle.

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CO2 Emissions

With environmental concerns increasingly in the spotlight, a telematics platform provides valuable insights into your fleet’s CO2 emissions, allowing you to significantly reduce your environmental impact. You can make informed decisions about fleet electrification making your path to electrification smooth and strategic. In an era where contractors are asking partners to comply with net zero plans, a telematics platform is becoming an essential component to sustainability.

Improved Safety

With our fleet tracking system, you can have direct insight into how your vehicles are being operated, ensuring the safety of your fleet. By monitoring driver behaviour, you’ll access vital data on speeding, braking, and harsh cornering. Using this data, you can:

  • Reward safe driving: Identify good drivers and celebrate them – recognise good driving practices, ultimately promoting safer driving across your fleet.
  • Eliminate unacceptable driver behaviour: Identify and address bad driving habits, reducing the risk of accidents and costly incidents.
  • Train and educate drivers: Use real data to provide constructive feedback, helping drivers understand and adopt safer driving practices.
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Improved Security

Vehicle theft is a significant concern for fleet operators, with average yearly losses exceeding £50,000 (Verizon Research) and over a third of businesses experiencing theft within the past year (Logistics UK). With a tracking solution, you can safeguard your fleet and increase fleet security by detecting unauthorised vehicle movements, enabling fast asset recovery, and minimising costly downtime, temporary vehicle hire and other replacement expenses.

You can set up geofence for your vehicles, which will trigger an alert if they leave or enter a specific area. By setting up geofencing, you will be notified if one of your vehicles goes beyond a certain boundary, giving you time to take necessary action if the vehicle is stolen. If you’re interested in implementing telematics and tracking, please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Trailer Telematics and Tracking

Keeping track of trailers and ensuring they are maintained and serviced on schedule can be challenging. Making it difficult to plan for servicing, safety inspections and maintenance, which can lead to downtime and increased costs.

When trailers are left unmonitored, they can be used without the fleet operator’s knowledge or permission. This unauthorised usage increases wear and tear on vehicles and assets, shortening their lifespan and requiring more frequent maintenance and repairs. Over time, this can be costly for fleets, leading to increased expenses and decreased profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my trucks be off the road for a long time?

No, on average they take 1-2 hours.

I have a telematics or tracking solution already. Can you install?

If you have already purchased a tracking or telematics solution and need installation, we can fit and commission your tracking solution to specification. However, complex the installation, we can help. Please use the vehicle installation form here and a member of our HGV installations team will be in touch with you to get your project started.

I’m looking for a tracking and telematics solution for HGVs

As an installer of telematics and tracking systems, our team has many years of experience in tracking systems. We can help you choose the most appropriate solution for your fleet.