Rise in fuel theft

Fuel theft is a major problem in the United Kingdom, accounting for millions of pounds in losses each year. One of the key reasons why it is so prevalent is that it can be very difficult to detect. It is often stolen regularly in small amounts. This may not appear to be a problem at first but these costs will spiral up in the long term. As the costs of fuel continue to rise and driver facilities remain poor, fuel theft is likely to become an even bigger problem in the UK.

One of the biggest operating costs for fleet operators is fuel costs. Theft will increase this bill and affect your bottom line. According to RHA, the rapidly escalating costs of fuel and poor driver facilities have made fuel theft a growing issue 

Anti siphon devices

Introducing our new fuel theft protection device – the perfect way to keep your business running smoothly. Our anti siphon devices offer excellent build quality and work on a range of manufacturers, making them easy to install. They provide mechanical protection to prevent theft of fuel, meaning you can rest assured that your vehicles are safe and secure.

Anti theft features

Anti-theft features include a progressive float lock preventing access to fuel located in the upper part of the tank. Designed with no holes or slots, siphoning fuel with a tube from the tank opening is made impossible. Due to it sleek design, refuelling is quick, allowing free flow of fuel without turbulence, splashback, or overflow.

  • Mechanical protection
  • Easy to install
  • For industrial and commercial vehicles
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicle manufacturers
  • Ready to use within minutes
  • Prevent fuel theft

Telematics convergence

Our fuel anti-siphon devices can be integrated into existing telemetry and fleet management systems. They can be used to activate alert systems. This alerts the fleet manager about the activities related to the opening/closing of the tank. This way it is possible to take timely action to prevent theft or tampering with the fuel supply. In addition, our devices can be used to monitor fuel levels in real time and generate alerts when levels are low. As a result, our fuel anti-siphon devices can help improve fleet efficiency and security.


Our product range is compatible with a range of manufacturers, such as DAF, Man, Mercedes and Volvo. We have a variety of sizes to choose from, to fit different size tank necks. Our products are made from high quality materials, and are designed to last. So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to protect your fuel tanks, get in touch with us by filling in the form below.