Looking after your customers

We install a wide range of telematics devices and vehicle tracking solutions for insurance companies and their customers.

As well as providing first-class installation, we pride ourselves in our investment in  the end user customer experience. Our simple online booking system allows customers to book their appointment 24-7 at their convenience. Our fully qualified engineers are supported by our UK contact centre offering telephone support, bookings and box diagnostics. 

At Point of install

At the point of install, our engineers can capture important underwriting data such as vehicle condition and pre-existing modifications.

telematics box installation

End to End Service

RS Connect is the installation partner of choice for many insurance telematics providers. We have a large team of mobile installation engineers who are experts in installation. We offer a complete end-to-end service which includes installation, commissioning and support. Our installation services are available nationwide. We can offer our clients a complete end-to-end service which includes:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • High-quality Installation
  • Comprehensive customer service
  • Fast installation times to help limit risk
  • Comprehensive vehicle checks to aid underwriting decisions
  • Full stock management including professional and self-install options

How we help fleet managers with telematics installation and consultancy

telematics dashboard

Fleet Telematics

Fleet telematics provides critical vehicle information for fleet managers and operators. There are many benefits to be gained from fleet telematics data. The insights enable you to run your business better, save money and your service delivery. Telematics can transform your customer experience, delighting your customers as a result.  Get in touch with us today to find out more about telematics
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