Solve These 8 Key Business Challenges with Fleet Tracking!

August 15, 2023

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Overseeing a fleet is no simple feat. For this reason, fleet tracking has become an essential component in effective fleet management. Through telematics and tracking technology, we’ve witnessed many businesses navigate operational obstacles. Here’s how

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Increased Admin Time and Operational Costs

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Implementing vehicle tracking solutions and user-friendly dashboards can considerably minimise paperwork. Digitally storing trip data allows for swift report generation. Moreover, businesses without tracking often face excessive communication requirements, like updating customers and staff about vehicle locations. This can distract drivers and increase call volumes at call centres, straining resources and impacting customer experience. Implementing a fleet tracking system helps to addresses these issues, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service can be the result of a lack of data and insight into operations.For example, overpromising and underdelivering. In the quest to achieve high job completion percentages, businesses without tracking often set unrealistic transit times between jobs. Not only does this approach harm customer service but it also compromises driver welfare. Setting such tight schedules increases stress levels among drivers, compromising their safety, and elevates the risk of accidents.

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With fleet tracking, companies can better predict transit times, ensuring a balance between efficient service delivery and driver safety. Offering accurate ETAs based on real-time data, such systems reduce complaints and improve overall customer satisfaction, making jobs not only timely but also safer.

Driver Welfare

Monitoring drivers can be challenging, particularly when it comes to ensuring they take adequate breaks, adhere to driving hour regulations, and managing breaks. Fleet tracking allows us to monitor their activities, from ensuring they take adequate breaks to identifying potential stationary periods, indicating breakdowns or other concerns, providing peace of mind for fleet managers.

Lack Of Efficiency

Inefficient routes waste time and rack up unnecessary miles. Our experience shows that tracking solutions enable businesses to make smarter routing decisions, making fleets more efficient and reducing fuel usage.

Dangerous driving

Without a fleet tracking solution, identifying poor driving habits is challenging. Remember that company everyone recalls negatively because of how their vans are driven? Poor driving habits not only tarnish your brand image but also increase the risk of vehicle damage and accidents, leading to higher insurance premiums. By implementing a fleet tracking, you can detect signs of bad driving, such as harsh acceleration, hard braking, and sharp cornering. This valuable data can then be utilised to coach drivers towards safer practices. In our experience, introducing fleet tracking as a management strategy effectively reduces risk of accidents, enhances brand reputation and fosters a safety culture among staff.

Vehicle Theft

Data shows that fleet-operating businesses lose significant amounts due to theft. Large fleets can expect to lose a few vehicles to theft a year and are often unable to recover them. Investing in a tracking system can significantly reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Fleet tracking can serve as a deterrent, with real-time monitoring and geofences triggering alerts for unauthorised movements. This not only reduces theft risks but also increases recovery chances.

Unauthorised use of assets and vehicles

Unauthorised vehicle use accelerates wear and tear, necessitating more maintenance and raising liability concerns. It’s widely acknowledged that prolonged vehicle operation leads to higher operating costs and decreased performance so if vehicles age quicker because of misuse, you could be incurring increased operational costs.

Furthermore, liability concerns may arise in the event of an accident, as it can be unclear whose insurance should cover the damages when a vehicle is used without authorisation. Accordingly, unaccounted vehicle usage, such as after-hours or additional work not supervised by fleet managers, can create issues.

Moreover, if a fleet is undergoing a vehicle replacement program, unauthorised usage can cause the premature replacement of the wrong vehicles or errors in forecast. Over-projection can occur when fleet managers estimate that a vehicle will last for a certain number of years, only to find that it requires replacement well before the anticipated date. This can disrupt the replacement schedule and result in unexpected costs.

Unapproved vehicle usage also consumes company fuel, leading to increased fuel expenses.

Lack Of Good Driver recognition

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In fleet-based businesses, morale is an issue especially if drivers often feel that the only communication they receive revolves around reprimands or cautionary warnings about poor driver behaviour. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in a tracking solution that not only allows you to identify instances of bad driving, as discussed earlier, but also reveals the good drivers within your fleet. Access to this data enables you to establish a good driver scheme or offer incentives that encourage safer driving habits. You can even gamify the process or implement a driver score algorithm, further boosting morale and promoting a culture of safety and responsible driving.

Need help with Tracking and Telematics?

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