The Project

A local transport company have been upgrading their fleet, replacing their tractor units with newer more efficient Iveco S-way models. These vehicles promise to help fleet owners reduce CO2 emissions and increase productivity. The customer turned to RS connect to ensure their vehicles complied with the Direct Vision Standard.

RS Connect were commissioned to provide a solution. This will enable the customer to operate the vehicle in and around Greater London. Their drivers will appreciate the increased visibility around the cab including the additional technology aids.


Facing time constraints and desire to keep downtime at a minimum, the best solution was for the customer to drop off the vehicle at our dedicated workshop in Coleshill. Time was of the essence enabling the unit to start work in the Greater London area. Without the DVS safety permit, the customer would be issued a £550 fixed penalty and £130 for the driver. We provided a one stop shop solution for the client including hardware and installation for this project.

IVECO S Way HGV in Coleshill workshop

DVS Safe System Solution

The DVS Safe system we installed consisted of:

  • Proximity side scan sensors
  • Side view camera with night vision and audio
  • In-cab alert system for the driver
  • Camera monitor system
  • Left turn alarm 
  • Warning Signage
visual alerts


The DVS safe system was professionally installed in a few hours by our engineering team. Before the customer picked up the vehicle, we thoroughly tested the system to make sure everything was working smoothly.

Side view camera

The Customer requested  the side camera be installed underneath the wing mirror. This allowed for better visibility of the side of the vehicle. The camera looked like it had always been there from the manufacturer. The left turn alarm was installed in a secure location, keeping it away from the harsh weather elements.

black HGV side view camera mounted on wing mirror

The Direct Vision Standard safety permit allows fleet owners to operate their vehicles in Greater London without incurring any fixed penalty notices. The system also helps to improve your fleet’s safety by improving the visibility of the driver’s surroundings, particularly in areas where pedestrians and cyclists may be present.

  • DVS is a public demonstration of your commitment to safety and a legal requirement in the Greater London Area
  • Reduces the risk the risk of accidents
  • Looks not just at the safety of your drivers but the public too i.e., vulnerable road users
  • Helps to make people more aware of your vehicles in busy urban environments

Fleet operators considering DVS can trust RS Connect for support and advice on meeting the standard. We can provide the hardware needed for DVS Compliant. Get in touch with us today for support and advice and support around the direct vision standard.

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