Ukraine Relief

March 14, 2022

By: Taz Imbayago

Lea and James

Troubled by what is happening in Ukraine, Managing Director Lea Hodson decided not to sit back and watch the terrible events unfold. To help those in need, he came up with the idea to drive one of our vans and trailer full of aid to the border between Poland and Ukraine. What ensued after was more than he imagined.

A company-wide effort was made by all staff to raise as much money as possible and the final total was an incredible £10,000.

James Carter, an engineer at RS Connect, runs a local pub in his home village called Watson’s Ale House. Located in Knighton, it’s a small and friendly micropub serving real ale and cider.

James put up a Facebook post asking for help and offering Watson’s Ale House as a drop of point for donations for Ukrainian refugees.

His appeal for donations on their Facebook page received a fantastic response and bought an amazing community together. Followers of the Watson’s Ale House Facebook page shared James’ post with all their connections. Over 80 people shared the initial posts.

By the following day, James had already raised over £600 and was receiving not just monetary donations, but physical items too.

The donations came from local people, primary schools, local businesses, and supermarkets. Even young children were offering their pocket money for this cause.

James used his RS Connect work vehicle to help collect the aid and do the necessary running around. Throughout Sunday, Monday and Tuesday James drove back and forth between Knighton and RS Connect HQ in Coleshill to deliver the donations.

James said:

Thank you to everyone for the support, we have received thus far, the sheer amount of donations we’ve had has been absolutely amazing, I can’t thank you all enough for making this happen.”

James carter, RS Connect Engineer

There was also an outpour of support in the local area of RS Head Office. The children of St Leonards C of E Primary School and the people of St Leonards Church in Wigginton came together and donated hundreds of items for the cause.

We have had amazing support from our staff, customers, friends, and family to supply an incredible 1,169 packs of baby wipes, 12,977 nappies, 13,167 sanitary items, 2,063 bottles of body wash and shampoo, 1,820 bars of soap, 1,569 packs of toothpaste and toothbrushes, 607 sleeping bags and emergency thermal blankets, 363 first aid kits, 68 large bags of clothes including Army thermals, thermal gloves, hats and thermal socks and an additional 949 items including items for babies and children.

Lea Hodson, Managing Director of RS Connect said

“it’s amazing, how the staff have pulled together for this cause. I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity. We have been overwhelmed with support. Our supplies may only be a drop in the ocean for what they need, but even if it only meant one child was clean and warm for one night, it would be more than enough of a reason to drive 2,500 miles”

Lea Hodson, MD

Lea and two members of the RS Team, James Baker and Mike Lacy, set off on Wednesday morning to deliver the aid to Sieniawa, a small town near the border between Poland and Ukraine. They arrived back in the UK on Saturday afternoon.

May we say a huge thank you to all who have supported this cause. In particular, not only our staff but the community of Knighton, St Leonards Primary School and Church, Dun-Bri Group, Webb Electronics, Mountain Warehouse Solihull, Haunchwood Sports Junior Football Club and Radius for their incredible donations.

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