TfL’s Direct Vision Standard ‘Allow List’ – what we know so far

January 22, 2021

By: Taz Imbayago

DVS Side camera

Following lobbying by HGV operators and installation companies such as RS Connect, TfL have decided to offer a concession to those operators by creating an “Allow List” to buy some time following installation and application delays. But what does that mean, and what are these delays?

At RS connect we were seeing multiple supply chain problems along with restrictions on installation capability. Some operators were experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks meaning our engineers were unable to visit the sites. Also as with most companies, some of our own engineers were testing positive leading to a reduction in our usual nationwide coverage.

With the recently announced update, TfL are still sticking to the same implementation date of the 1st March 2021 for DVS fines. However, they are softening the blow by advising HGV operators that the waiting times for permit approvals are getting shorter – these should now be approved within 10 days, rather than up to 40 as was reported in December. Furthermore, for single vehicle applications, TfL are using their delivery partner Capita who will process the application within just one working day of receipt.

With regards to the fines themselves, TfL have clearly listened to the concerns raised and are now informing the industry that there will be an “Allow List”. Whilst they are proceeding with the DVS enforcement on 1st March 2021, this list will give some breathing space to HGV operators whose owners/operators have begun the Safety Permit application process, or are in the process of having safe system components installed.

Operators who have applied before 1st March 2021 or those who are in the process of having the Safe System equipment fitted, can be added to this “allow list” of vehicles, which will prevent them from incurring Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for up to 90-days from the enforcement date. The new system will require operators to provide details of their applications or planned safety system component installation, where applicable.

Whilst we’re still awaiting the specifics of how this list will function – and what evidence operators will have to provide – this is most certainly a positive step.

So providing an operator notifies TfL of the installation date of the DVS system to be installed, they will be added to this list and will be covered for a maximum of 90 days after the 1st March 2021 deadline.

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