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How can RS Connect help to protect your BMW?

Protect Your BMW From Theft
At RS Connect, we are specialists in car security and help customers to secure their vehicles. We install a wide range of solutions through our large network of engineers dotted around the UK and Ireland. Below are some steps we recommend you take to secure your BMW and reduce the risk of theft
Basic Precautions

You can take some simple steps to improve the security of your BMW car and reduce the chances of it being stolen. Many people assume their car is locked once they move away from it, but taking the time to listen for the locking sound and looking for flashing lights can be helpful. This easy measure can stop thieves from using signal-jamming gadgets. Additionally, if you own a BMW with keyless entry, it’s crucial to be careful where you keep your keys. Make sure they are kept as far away as possible from the outside of your home.

BMW 3 series estate and RS Connect van

One of the best ways to protect your BMW from theft is by installing an immobiliser such as the Ghost immobiliser II from Autowatch. This device adds extra security layers to your car, making it hard for criminals even those that use modern theft methods such as key cloning and hacking. The immobiliser works by allowing the car owner to make a unique pin (just like a credit card) that must be inputted first before driving away. You can have the Ghost Immobiliser Installed by one of our mobile technicians at a location that suits you from £499.

Car Trackers For BMW

Investing in a car tracker is also another great solution to BMW car security. Although a tracker will not prevent your BMW from being stolen, it helps you to recover it in the unfortunate event it gets stolen. Trackers often come with an app for live tracking and backed by a theft monitoring team who will be in touch if your vehicle is moved without your permission. Some insurance companies may also request that you have a tracker installed in certain situations. Others might offer a discount if you have a tracking system installed on your vehicle. Get in touch with us today for some vehicle tracking options for your BMW.

Scorpion track screenshots
Tracker with immobilisation
white BMW 6 Series GT

Some trackers come with more advanced features to help you secure your car. Trackers like the Scorpion S5+ come with remote immobilisation, allowing you to remotely disable your car and provide instant alerts if your car is moved without the key. It adds protection against most modern theft methods such as key theft, key cloning, and OBD hacking. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you to protect your BMW

How BMWs are stolen

BMW cars, being luxurious and expensive, are often targeted by both opportunistic and organised thieves who use advanced methods to steal them. It has been reported by Daily Express Online that criminals are selling detailed instructions for car theft on the dark web for as little as £1.50. Investigations have also uncovered guides on various marketplaces that explain how to steal keyless cars for as little as £1.53, as well as key cloning devices. Thieves obtain these devices that can grant them access to BMWs, allowing them to drive away people’s cars without requiring keys.

BMW Comfort Access and Keyless entry vulnerability

BMW cars offer a range of options for customers, including the popular Comfort Access feature, which is a keyless entry system. This system was introduced in 2002 and allows the car owner to start the engine and unlock the doors without needing to physically touch the key. Additional features may include motion sensors that open the tailgate automatically. However, cars with this technology are at risk of theft. The key features of the Comfort Access system are:

  • Open doors pressing keys
  • Welcome greeting is activated before doors unlock
  • Swipe foot under bumper to open boot
  • Store seat adjustments
  • Lock doors via exterior button

**Features vary by model and options. Check BMW for more details about keyless entry and securing your BMW.

Keyless Theft – “Relay Theft”

Keyless theft – also known as relay theft, works in a variety of ways but the most common involves 2 electronic devices. Criminals will use one device to clone or amplify your key’s signal and send it to a transmitter. The transmitter is then used like a key to trick the car into thinking that the correct key is nearby. This allows the thief to unlock and start the car without ever having to physically touch the key fob. This method works if the key’s signal is within range – even if the key is indoors.

OBD Port hacking

An OBD port is a location on your car where you can connect a range of devices for diagnostics, vehicle information etc. OBD port hacking is a theft method that involves breaking into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) port to gain access to the vehicle’s systems. Once the connection is made, the criminals can program a new key, disable alarms and start the engine etc

Electric BMW

Stolen BMWs are big business

The German manufacturer – BMW is known for producing a diverse range of performance and luxury vehicles. From sleek 2-door coupes and elegant saloons to executive cars and powerful SUVs, BMW has something for everyone. Their reputation for quality and innovation remains strong, making them a top choice for drivers who want both style and substance.

However, due to their desirability, they are fast becoming popular amongst car thieves due to a number of factors such as their value, desirability, features and increase in the cost of car parts. According to West Midlands police, car thefts have gone up because of a few things happening all at once. The pandemic, shortage of microchips and car parts have caused prices for car parts to skyrocket. Because of this, thieves are stealing popular vehicles such as BMWs to take the parts and sell them. They bring the cars to places called “chop shops,” where they take them apart to sell the pieces.

Data provided by the DVLA in 2021, shows that 2 BMW models were in the top 10 list of stolen vehicles. The BMW X5 was unfortunately in the broader top 15 list the previous year aswell.