Helping Our Drivers Stay On Track When It Comes To Road Safety

June 14, 2021

By: Taz Imbayago

Ford RS Connect Fleet Installations support Van

Why invest in vehicle tracking?

Vehicle trackers can play a huge role in promoting safer driving – an issue which is integral to all we do at RS Connect.

We place an expectation of the highest standards of driving on all our engineers. That’s because when they are on the road, they are an extension of the RS Connect brand, and good driver behaviour enhances the company’s image and reputation, and reputation is the cornerstone of any business.

Driver behaviour monitoring

Monitoring driver performance is at the heart of what we stand for – speed, braking, cornering and acceleration are all monitored through the tracking platform. Which makes great sense for all road users when you spend as much time behind the wheel as our engineers do – to give a recent example, each engineer clocked up around 3,300 miles across April and May this year.

Fleet monitoring

In April 85% of our drivers registered a driving score of 70 or above. In May, with a greater number of trips, 94% of our drivers hit the same score. Because a monitoring system is in place, our engineers are always mindful of how they perform on the road, and we have seen only positive results. As well as an incentive for drivers through recognition and reward, we have also seen a noticeable decrease in vehicle accidents since having trackers installed. Which means more attractive insurance premiums, which means we are saving money.

Benefits of vehicle tracking

Drivers benefit directly from vehicle trackers. Their mileage and travel times are documented, which gives them peace of mind in terms of how they are performing, but it also tracks how many hours a day/week they are working.

Another positive of vehicle tracking is the data that comes with it. We can calculate and compile mileage for each vehicle and forward plan any maintenance works. Mileage calculations are also beneficial to fuel consumption and spend.

Vehicle tracking ensures behaviour is closely monitored and we are able to address any areas of concern and provide refresher training where needed. However, we are also able to praise and give credit where it is due, to those who consistently perform well. It works both ways.

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