January 28, 2022

RS Connect have adapted our on the day engineer process to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission and to keep our customers and employees safe.

All engineers have been supplied with face masks, antibacterial spray and disinfectant hand rub.

rs connect engineer

Our engineers will:

  • Call you when they are on the way to your chosen install address. Please have your keys ready and remove any additional keyrings or fobs.
  • Call on arrival, show you their ID and ask you to place your keys in a safe place for them to retrieve – such as on your doorstep. Please wait until you can see the engineer and do not leave your keys unattended.
  • Clean hands with hand sanitising gel.
  • Collect your keys and spray them with an antibacterial solution.
  • Call to notify you if there are any issues during installation, whilst you wait at a safe distance.
  • Install your device, wiping down the area being worked on before and after the installation with an antibacterial spray.
  • Spray your keys with an antibacterial solution and return them to your safe place. Confirm your full name on completion of the installation, print and time stamp this on the job sheet in place of the usual customer signature.

If you have any further questions or concerns you can contact us by calling 01675624000. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Alternatively, email us at enquiries@rsconnect.com. Please include your name and vehicle registration number so we can deal with your enquiry efficiently.

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