RS Connect is all about encouraging young talent. We are proud to sponsor two of Coventry Rugby Club’s Development Academy’s rising stars. As they begin their sporting careers, the youngsters are grateful for the support of business, and we’re only too pleased to provide financial help as well as fitting monitoring devices to their cars to keep them safe on the roads. Here, one of those players, Cameron Sharp, tells us what a typical day looks like.

Coventry Rugby FC – Cameron Sharp – A Day in the Life

My day begins at 5.15 am – a bit on the early side, but a quick shower helps wake me up!

I travel four times a week from my home near Northampton to the Butts Park Arena, home of Coventry Rugby, where we spend the day training. I’ve been injured recently, but I’m still in a steady routine.
After making a flask of tea for the journey, I set off at 5.40. My car is fitted with a device which monitors my driving, which was put in by my sponsors RS Connect. The good thing about it is – as well as keeping me safe on the roads – it talks to me too, reminding me to put on my seatbelt and alerting me of my speed. It fits on the windscreen, just like any dashcam.

I join the A435 at Northampton and then hit the M1 and M45, usually arriving in Coventry just before 7am.

That’s the time my rugby day begins, with a body screening, checking I’m OK to train. Then it’s a squad meeting and some analysis before a breakfast at 9 – it’s hungry work (and I’ve been up for four hours!) so the meal is usually three boiled eggs, three slices of bacon, tomato, two sausages, beans and toast. After that, there’s a gym and conditioning session and rugby before lunch, which will be around 1.30. Lunch will be two chicken breasts, mixed salad and pasta or rice and vegetables.

The drive back usually takes longer because of traffic – but with my black box it’s like having someone in the car with me, so I don’t mind the journey. I sometimes stop for a drinks break and grab a Costa to keep me going as I’m usually tired. I can check in on the app and see my driving data – it’s great because it can mean rewards for good driving, so I’m always keen to check.

After a substantial meal at 6.30, I’ll have a bath to relax ahead of a good sleep. I lay my kit out on the floor ready for the morning and get into bed around 8.30 and chill for half an hour before drifting off at 9pm latest – all set for the same again next day!